The Born Twice Diamond – a Magnificent Yellow Diamond | Diacore

Nir Livnat - Born Twice Diamond

Much of Diacore’s superb reputation in the diamond industry is founded on the company’s extraordinary insight and capability to innovate. One such innovation was the timely introduction of colored diamonds to the auction market more than thirty years ago. This move precipitated an entirely new generation of diamonds and heralded the beginning of what is […]

Nir Livnat: We are Excited About the Purchase of the Yellow Dancing Sun Diamond

Nir Livnat - Diacore

The executive chairman of DIacore, Nir Livnat, was recently interviewed for an article published by IssueWire, about the purchase of the “Yellow Dancing Sun Diamond” at an auction conducted by Christie’s, New York. The 204.36ct cushion modified diamond purchased by Diacorelliant-cut, VVS2-clarity stone cut from a 552.74-ct rough. Livnat said: “This is indeed a pricey […]